Maciej Sieńczyk

Polish draughtsman, illustrator, creator of comic strips
Maciej Sieńczyk

(b. 1972) – Polish draughtsman, illustrator, creator of comic strips. Collaborates with “Lampa” monthly and Raster Gallery. He has illustrated three Dorota Masłowska’s books, Adam Wiedemann’s Filtry and the re-issue of Michał Witkowski’s Lubiewo. Wydawnictwo Lampa i Iskra Boża published his author’s albums – Hydriola, Wrzątkun oraz Przygody na bezludnej wyspie. The latter reached the finals of the Nike Literary Award. Wśród przyjaciół is his prose debut.

Nominated for The Conrad Award

Wśród przyjaciół
Wśród przyjaciół

Maciej Sieńczyk’s book Wśród przyjaciół (Wydawnictwo Czarne) can be in some ways associated with Boccaccio’s Decameron. Here also a cultured society entertains itself telling sophisticated stories. It may be also associated with Pelevin’s story about boys at a summer camp trying to kill their longing for home by night contests of ostentatiously macabre tales, memories and pranks. Wśród przyjaciół is also – or perhaps above all – a show of the narrative and hypnotising skills of the Host, a great story-teller, a Scheherazade , while at the same time an ignorant, a mythomaniac and a buffoon. ”The stories silently lead us out of our every-day reality, offering a great pleasure from the opportunity of dwelling in the company of Sieńczyk’s imagination. He belongs to the masters of style in the Polish language, and his old-fashioned phrases appear very fresh and hit the point” – writes portal about Sieńczyk’s debut novel.

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