Michał Witkowski

prozaik, felietonista
Michał Witkowski

A prosaist, columnist (among others Przekrój, Polityka, Machina). He debuted with a sheet of prose entitled Zgorszeni wstają od stołów (1997). Similarly like his subsequent volume Copyright, it won favourable opinions in the low-cost literary press, however, no mass success among readers. For that he had to wait for the publishing of his yet another novel entitled Lubiewo (2005) showing homosexual circles from a perspective as yet unknown to Polish readers. Witkowski won the Gdynia Literary Prize and was nominated for the Nike Literary Award and the Polityka’s Passport. He represented Poland at the 9th International Book Fair in Budapest and at the TERrA Polska Festival. He was yet again nominated for the Nike Award for his book Fototapeta (2007). His subsequent novels Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna-Szczakowej (2007), Margot (2009), and Drwal (2011, nominated for the Nike Award) enjoy readers’ continued interest. The year 2012 saw the release of the extended version of his famous novel Lubiewo bez cenzury as well as its comic book interpretation entitled Wielki Atlas Ciot Polskich. After the success of Drwal, the author announced a sequel in the spirit of a pastiche of a detective story.


Pic. Adrian Błachut

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