Mostafa Zamaninija

Mostafa Zamaninija

He is a well known Iranian writer. He has published a wide range of books, both fiction and non-fiction. His academic work has mostly been on historical and cultural issues, including works on modern Iranian literature, history and cinematography. He has published poetry, novels, screen-plays and essays. His novels (such as Kudām zamīn shādtar ast, Bigū bih Māh Biyāīd, and Rāh-i Darāz-i Istānbūl) are read also in Iranian circles outside Iran. Several of his works have been banned in Iran. Mostafa Zamaninija has also worked a publisher, editor and author, most notably for the Nashr-e Tarikh, (The History Press) a private research and publishing institute. He has also been a publishing agent, and established his own press, Siyamak. His two volume work Farahan, An Ancient Land, (Kuhan diyār-i Farāhān: az īlghār-i Mughūl hā tā qahqarā-yi Qājārī and Kuhan diyār-i Farāhān: az sipīdah-yi tārīkh tā hazīmat-i Khvārazm shāh) has become a reference work for historians researching Persian literature, culture and history. Mr. Zamaninija has been ex-matriculated from university twice (first time in 1980), and has not been able to finish his formal degree. In spite of this he is highly regarded as an academic researcher, also internationally. Mostafa Zamaninija has been exposed to harassment, brief detentions and censorship by the authorities in Iran since the 1980s, intensifying in 2009 after the presidential elections. At the time, he wrote an open letter to the government, in which he criticized the government's censorship and treatment of the so-called Green movement. The letter was also published in international media. As a result he was arrested, his house searched, and his computer, books, documents and writings were confiscated. Books published by Siyamak were withdrawn from publication and destroyed by the authorities. Consequently Siyamak was closed and Mostafa Zamaninija suffered severe financial losses. Since then it has been impossible for him to secure other regular work or income. Although he is now out of prison, he is kept in professional isolation and unable to continue his literary work or his career. He is also under threat of being arrested again. He would like to be able to meet and exchange ideas with other writers and intellectuals, and to work on a new novel based on his notes from the last two years. He would also like to spend the time in an ICORN residency to research and write a third volume of Farahan. On 21st October at 9:30 pm in The Pod Baranami Cinema Mostafa Zamaninija is going to introduce A Separation movie. On 22nd October  at 5:00 pm there will be a meeting with the writer. He will tell us about Contemporary Iranian literature - authors, publishers, censorship. The same day at 7:00 pm Mostafa Zamaninija will give us an introduction to a movie The Past which will be shown right after.

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