Tomasz Samojlik

Tomasz Samojlik

Scientist by profession, an employee of the Institute of Mammal Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Białowieża, professionally researching the natural history of the Białowieża Forest. As he walks through the forest, he is preoccupied with thinking about what traces of past human presence and activity are hidden in a given corner of the forest, where kings used to hunt, which paths were used by bee-keepers centuries ago... Which is why he usually stumbles over protruding roots or knocks his head on low-growing branches. Much-loved creator of children’s books and comics. He has written three children’s books for the Agora Publishing House in the series Animals: Ambaras, Tarmosia and Bercia i Orson. Together with Adam Wajrak, he created a series of comic stories: The Dead Forest about the Białowieża Forest (Umarły Las, Nieumarły Las and Zew padliny) and Detective Sparrow about the adventures of urban birds. Together with illustrator Anna Grzyb, he is creating the series Mała Tarmosia dedicated to preschoolers  (Mała Tarmosia. Co w norze piszczy?, Mała Tarmosia. Czy borsuki się bawią).

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