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A Reading Class with Bartosz Hlebowicz

A Reading Class with Bartosz Hlebowicz

From the very beginning of the Conrad Festival, we have always found room in the programme for reading classes, i.e. workshops run by specialists who deal with literature on an everyday basis. Initially, these lessons were addressed to secondary school students, to whom we intended to present literature and the various styles of its reception in a different way than that taught at school. We wanted to show them different paths and encourage them to explore them on their own. With time our readers began to expand to include a wide range of age of different groups. We promote reading as an activity that constitutes the foundation of a particular lifestyle. We believe that reading helps us think and act better. This year, the reading classes will have an additional function – we will use them to introduce you to the works of selected guests of the Conrad Festival: Brandon Hobson, Valeria Luiselli, George Saunders and Rebecca Solnit.

The meeting is available at:

FB Conrad Festival, 
FB Tygodnik Powszechny 
- YouTube  

19 October, at 11:00 online


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