Conrad Festival 2019

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Books to Be Written | | Jogałła | Ornat | Wodnicki | Żwirski

Books to Be Written | | Jogałła | Ornat | Wodnicki | Żwirski

Discussion: Elżbieta Jogałła, Wojciech Ornat, Adam Wodnicki

Host: Krzysztof Żwirski

Can anyone write a book? Bruce Chatwin claimed so. But to bring this ambition to life, one must meet two conditions: first, they need to find a plot and the right words, and then they must write them by hand, clearly and neatly to show respect to history. In all honesty, the latter is more important than the former –the quality of writing depends on the quality of the notebook.

22 October, at 13:00 Czeczotka Palace (corner of St. Anna and Wiślna streets)

main programme

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