Conrad Festival 2016

The leading motif of this year’s edition is intensity, understood both as passion and unwavering commitment to the common matter of culture.
children and youth

Children’s play: "The Devil Never Sleeps" by Uszyty Theatre – PREMIERE!

Children’s play: "The Devil Never Sleeps" by Uszyty Theatre – PREMIERE!

A premiere of a play titled The Devil Never Sleeps, inspired by Devil and Company by Agnieszka Taborska (published by BOSZ, winner of the Children’s Literature Festival Award for the Best Polish Children’s Book in 2014). The play is full of rumbling pots, superstitions, proverbs, creaking violins and funny rhymes, accompanied by folk instruments. The shadow theatre is an important part of the play - it will introduce the audience to the amazing world of nymphs, dwarves and other fantastic creatures. The plot follows the Black Devil, who likes to prank others and cause commotion... But let’s not talk about it... The devil never sleeps!

Admission only after registration:

The event is dedicated to children age 4+

29 October, at 12:00 Ludowy Theatre. Town Hall stage

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