Conrad Festival 2016

The leading motif of this year’s edition is intensity, understood both as passion and unwavering commitment to the common matter of culture.
children and youth

Dead forest. A meeting for children with Adam Wajrak and Tomasz Samojlik

Dead forest. A meeting for children with Adam Wajrak and Tomasz Samojlik

The facts that Adam Wajrak writes great children’s books about the nature, and Tomasz Samojlik is an author of comic books and illustrations are known by almost every child in Poland. However, not many people know that they are neighbours from the Białowieża Forest. They now decided to join forces in their new project: Dead Forest, and its sequel - Undead Forest - planned for spring of 2017, are comic books, the plot of which takes place in the Białowieża Forest. The birds - protagonists of this western-like story - try to protect the wildest part of the forest, much to the chagrin of their enemies - dead wood and woodworms. They will fight alongside the supporters of a clean and healthy forest, where dead wood and woodworms have no place. The book not only contains an engaging and humorous story, but also descriptions of a forest life, written by Adam Wajrak. 

Host: Szymon Kloska

Workshops for children age 7+. Admission after registartio via the website of The Literature Festival for Children - a partner of the Conrad Festival:

29 October, at 13:00 Czeczotka Palace

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