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How to make a book with Steidl,

How to make a book with Steidl,

Germany, 2010, a documentary, direction: Gereon Wetzel, Jörg Adolph
Gerhard Steidl is the owner of the famous publishing house in Göttingen, where the greatest albums in the world are produced. There is only one rule here: first comes the idea, and only then does the book. 40 years ago, this surprising marketing approach turned out to be effective and became the beginning of the staggering career of Steidl, who was 19 at the time. Thanks to that, the greatest and most highly-regarded photographers and artists are queuing up to work with Steidl.
The event accompanies the Lover of Imagination exhibition.

25 October, at 19:00 Manggha, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 26

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