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I Won’t Make It in Time. Meeting with Olga Gitkiewicz

I Won’t Make It in Time. Meeting with Olga Gitkiewicz

Host: Bartosz Sadulski 

Launch of the latest book by Olga Gitkiewicz – reporter and journalist nominated for the Nike Literary Award and the Ryszard Kapuściński Award for her book on the Polish employment market. We will explore a rarely-discussed aspect of Polish reality
almost three decades since the political transformation: the crisis of public transport, especially serious in rural regions. How did it come to be that 13 million residents in a large country in the heart of Europe find it so difficult to get around?

Event organised by the De Revolutionibus Books&Cafe as part of the project covered by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s programme “Partnerships for Books”.

25 October, at 17:00 De Revolutionibus Books&Cafe

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