Conrad Festival 2019

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Images of War | Iwaniuk | Jaremczuk | Żadan

Images of War | Iwaniuk | Jaremczuk | Żadan

Discussion: Olesya Yaremchuk, Serhiy Zhadan

Host: Oleksandra Iwaniuk

War exists, yet we behave as though it did not. People die, cities are destroyed, the living are being replaced by spectres which never stop fighting. Olesya Yaremchuk and Serhiy Zhadan discuss war from two perspectives: documentary and fictional. The difference between these ways of presenting conflict is important and indelible, even when in both instances we are dealing with the same truth. 

Conversation in Ukrainian

26 October, at 14:30 Czeczotka Palace (corner of St. Anna and Wiślna streets)

main programme

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