Conrad Festival 2015

Almost 150 guests, around a hundred events, busy accompanying cycles - for the seventh time, guests from Poland and abroad come to Kraków to celebrate the annual festival of literature (19-25 October).
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Literary Baranki for Kids

Literary Baranki for Kids


dir. varia, Polska 1979-83, 40’

The screening will be followed by children’s art workshop moderated by Barbara Iwańska

The drawing workshops will be led by Barbara Iwańska - 5th year student at the Faculty of Painting with Prof Adam Brincken and graduate from the Pedagogical Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. She focuses on painting, drawing and art books.


Phone: (12) 421-29-41

12 zł
10 zł (concessions)
Pass (5 evening sessions): 40 zł
Children's Literary Lambs - 10 zł

25 October, at 11:00 Pod Baranami Cinema

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