Conrad Festival 2016

The leading motif of this year’s edition is intensity, understood both as passion and unwavering commitment to the common matter of culture.
children and youth

Meeting about the time with Grzegorz Kasdepke

Meeting about the time with Grzegorz Kasdepke

Why is Tomorrow always late, grey and hunched? Why must Yesterday disappear, and why does Today always leave such a mess? Who is going to clean it up? Yesterday? Today? Maybe Tomorrow? It is a difficult decision, especially when you do not know how do they look like and where to find them... The most popular contemporary writer of children’s literature will talk about the mystery of time and that it is worth it to smile to the Today.

Host: Szymon Kloska

Workshops for children age 6+. Admission after registartio via the website of The Literature Festival for Children - a partner of the Conrad Festival:

30 October, at 10:00 Czeczotka Palace

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