Conrad Festival 2016

The leading motif of this year’s edition is intensity, understood both as passion and unwavering commitment to the common matter of culture.
main programme

The Goncourt List: The Polish Selection. [meeting cancelled]

The Goncourt List: The Polish Selection. [meeting cancelled]

[The meeting has been cancelled. The announcement of results will be given during Conrad Award Gala]

The Polish edition of the most famous French literary award – “The Goncourt List: The Polish Selection” under the honorary patronage of the Académie Goncourt – already has an eighteen-year tradition, and the jury is made up of Romance Studies students representing ten Polish universities.

Host: Olga Stanisławska

Consecutive interpretation from French

30 October, at 18:00 Czeczotka Palace

There are no events in the selected cycle

The fact that here you did not find anything interesting for yourself does not mean
you will not find something in other sectors