Conrad Festival 2015

Almost 150 guests, around a hundred events, busy accompanying cycles - for the seventh time, guests from Poland and abroad come to Kraków to celebrate the annual festival of literature (19-25 October).
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We Live in Paradise. A meeting with Lukas Bärfuss

We Live in Paradise. A meeting with Lukas Bärfuss

How did the genocide of the Tutsi tribe come to pass? At the beginning of the 1990s, Rwanda seemed to be a dream come true for the colonisation of Africa: a country administered by scrupulous Swiss officials, developing without any problems. Until one day, a massacre on a scale never before seen erupted. In his novel One Hundred Days, Bärfuss shows an evil that does not always have a demonic face. Sometimes it takes on the face of a skilled bureaucrat, who attempts to introduce the European idea of paradise to other cultures.

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20 October, at 14:00 The Palace Under the Rams

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