Conrad Festival 2019

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What Publishers Do? | Gałysz-Wróbel | Kowalska

What Publishers Do? | Gałysz-Wróbel | Kowalska

Hosts: Małgorzata Gałysz-Wróbel, Kinga Kowalska


What can we expect to appear on bookshop shelves next, and what are the most hotly-awaited titles of children’s and YA books? We talk to representatives of the Dwie Siostry, Wytwórnia, Druganoga, Zakamarki, Hokus-Pokus, Wolno and Widnokrąg publishing houses about their forthcoming releases. The meeting is aimed at booksellers, librarians, teachers, bloggers, reading promoters and all fans of good children’s and YA literature.

24 October, at 09:00 Wyspiański Pavilion

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