The Conrad Festival in book stores

Accompanying events, 25-30.10.2016

Special evening readings of the important literary premières of 2016. Unique book stores in Krakow, which create an exceptional atmosphere for listening and calm dialogue with the author – Lokator, Bo-no-bo Księgarnia-Kawiarnia Podróżnicza, Matras 1610, Massolit Books & Café. We are bringing the positive energy of the Conrad Festival to the places where books are present every day.

Come and join us!


Tuesday, 25th October, 9:00 p.m.

A night-time reading of Winter Journey by Georges Perec (Lokator, 2016)

The book will be read by members of OuLiPo: Marcel Bénabou, Frédéric Forte, Ian Monk.
Venue: LOKATOR Kawa & Książki, Mostowa 1


Wednesday, 26th October, 5:00 p.m.

Ida Linde will read fragments of You Travel North to Die translated by Justyna Czechowska (premiere – Lokator, 2016).

Venue: LOKATOR Kawa & Książki, Mostowa 1


Thursday, 27th October, 6:00 p.m.

Artur Domosławski will read excerpts from Wykluczeni (The Excluded) (Wielka Litera, 2016).

Venue: Bo-no-bo Księgarnia-Kawiarnia Podróżnicza, Mały Rynek 4


Saturday, 29th October, 4:00 p.m.

Urban Archipelago. A meeting with Filip Springer

Over the course of two years, Filip Springer visited 31 former voivodeship capitals. What does life look like in places which took the brunt of the Polish transformation? The meeting will be devoted to the newest book of the renowned reporter and photographer –  Miasto Archipelag (Urban Archipelago).

Host: Marcin Wilk
Venue: Matras 1610, Rynek Główny 23


Sunday, 30th October, 12:00 p.m.

Congo – how many stories? A meeting with Félix Kaputu and David van Reybrouck

A historian of ideas and sociologist from Congo, imprisoned multiple times and forced to leave the country, accused of separatist actions, author of one of the most famous historic reports of this decade. A proud and unyielding representative of the Chokwe tribe and the old colonial metropolis. Is it possible to write a history of the country remembered by the world as Conrad’s Heart of Darkness?

The meeting with Félix Kaputu – a beneficiary of the ICORN programme staying in Krakow – and David van Reybrouck, a Belgian-Flemish writer, columnist and historian, author of a monograph titled Congo: The Epic History of a People(published in Poland as Kongo. Opowieść o zrujnowanym kraju by WAB, 2016).

Host: Maciej Jakubowiak