Conrad Festival 2013

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Wyszehrad +, or a Night Literary Slam

Wyszehrad +, or a Night Literary Slam

Holders of Villa Decius Association in Krakow scholarships will meet on one stage in order to involve the audience in a perverse, multi-layered, multimedia story about the literature of the five neighbour countries. Ivan Štrpka – Slovak poet, András Forgách – Hungarian dramatist, Ivana Myškova – Czech writer, Anka Herbut – Polish dramatist, and author of popular radio dramas from Germany – Christian Hussel, will sit next to one another. We cannot rule out an international scandal!
The Stars: András Forgách (Hungary), Anka Herbut (Poland), Christian Hussel (Germany), Ivana Myškova (Czech Republic), Ivan Štrpka (Slovakia)
Narrator: Iwona Nowacka
Multimedia: Maksymilian Ławrynowicz
In cooperation with Willa Decjusza

24 October, at 21:00 Cafe Szafe, ul. Felicjanek 10

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