27 June 2012 Literary Travels

The latest issue of the Polityka weekly features an article dedicated to readers who travel to places known from literature. “A few years ago, I was roaming the streets of Istanbul, looking at the city through Pamuk’s eyes. I saw his street, the view from his window; back then, the strangest museum in the world did not yet exist. This year, a museum of his novel entitled The Museum of Innocence has been established on the writer’s own initiative. It is not a monument to Pamuk’s megalomania but rather an attempt at crossing the borderlines of literature and a monument of Istanbul from the times of the writer’s youth. The novel itself tells the story of an obsessive love; its narrator collects all the objects that were touched by his beloved. With time, the book turns into a catalogue of objects, as if words wanted to take on a material form. And indeed, in the end, they have” – writes Justyna Sobolewska, Polityka’s journalist.

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