We have been creating unforgettable festivals, meetings, picnics, exhibitions and workshops for over twenty years.

Our focus mainly lies in literature, film and music. We are also involved in visual arts and other cultural spheres.

We work in Kraków and for Kraków, for its residents, tourists, brief visitors and those who end up staying for longer. Our institution is all about the people behind hundreds of events held each year. It’s about the emotions we feel by the stage and the unforgettable emotions we take away. It’s about changes rooted in experiments, and a sense of belonging. It’s all about living traditions and new ideas. We are here for you. We are KBF.


Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation

Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation is a non-profit organization, with a status of public benefit organization since 2004. Co-organiser of the Joseph Conrad International Literature Festival and Copernicus Science Festival, originator and producer of “Reading lessons” - social campaign that promotes reading, and a majority shareholder of a publishing company - Tygodnik Powszechny. Producer of the movies “xABo: Ksiądz Boniecki” (2020), dir. Aleksandra Potoczek and “Edge of light” (2021) dir. Wojciech Szumowski.