20 September 2012 Literature knows no borders

Everyone who wants to refresh their home library is invited for the September edition of Drugie Życie Książki [The Second Life of a Book] on Sunday, the 30th of September. Since the book exchange will take place on International Translation Day, we would like to encourage participants to exchange foreign books in their Polish translations. As  usual, however, we also hope for children’s literature, fiction, historical books and biographies. We are starting at 3 p.m. at the Wyspiański Pavilion ( Plac Wszystkich Świętych 2). You must be here with us – see you!

We would like to remind that everyone is welcome to take part in The Second Life of a Book campaign. It is enough to bring minimum one, and a maximum of ten books. Important note: the books must be a good condition. Please remember: the earlier you get there, the better your chance of getting better books.

NOTE: For all the enthusiastic readers and the fans of The Second Life of a Book campaign, we are launching a website for this event: www.drugiezycieksiazki.pl, where, as of now, you will be able to find the latest information on  subsequent editions of book exchange, news and other trivia.

The Second Life of Book
  is a joint initiative of the Bookeriada Internet portal and the Krakow Festival Office which has been held every month since February of this year. Two special editions have taken place: during the Children’s Literature Fair and during Krakon – the fantasy literature convention. Almost two thousand people have participated in nine editions so far and over three thousand books have found new owners. Several hundred volumes were also donated to  libraries. Our partners for this project are: Gazeta Wyborcza, RMF Classic radio station, Strefa Wolnego Czytania, Fragile and OPUS-M.

PLEASE NOTE: after the exchange, at 4 p.m. sharp, we would like to  invite all children to a unique meeting with... the Czerwony Konik publishing house in café likeKonik (floor -1, Wyspiański Pavilion). We  will be read children’s book published by Czerwony Konik together.