21 September 2012 Jan Peszek reads Orhan Pamuk

Before the visit of Orhan Pamuk in Krakow, we will be able to hear excerpts from the Nobel Prize winner's latest book on Radio Kraków. Starting on the first of October, the cycle Z radiowej biblioteki [From the Radio Library] will feature fragments of Other Colours: Essays and a Story [Inne kolory] which is a collection of Pamuk's essays. In this radio version, excerpts for Other Colors in its Polish translation will be read by Jan Peszek. It is worth noting that the Nobel Prize winner will meet his readers during this year's edition of the Conrad Festival. We invite all literature lovers to visit Krakow on 22nd-28th of October.

Part of the essay:

Jan Peszek happy to accept an offer from Radio Krakow.

Other colours - is a collection of texts written over several dozen years of the Turkish writer's literary work. It includes short stories, reportages, features and essays. They are texts on Turkey, Istanbul, European experiences and what literature means to Pamuk. We will hear one of the most important essays entitled Why Didn't I Become an Architect?

Orhan Pamuk, born in Istanbul in 1952, is currently one of the most important writers in the world. The Swedish Academy stated the following in their substantiation of the 2006 Nobel Prize verdict: a writer was awarded, who in the quest for the melancholic soul of his native city has discovered new symbols for the clash and interlacing of cultures. Pamuk's first novel, Cevdet Bey ve Ogullari [Cevdet Bey and His Sons] was published in 1982. The following book published in 1980s and 1990s cemented his position within the literary world. So far, the writer has received the most prestigious literary awards, among others: Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger, Premio Grinzane Cavour and IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house has released ten books by Orhan Pamuk: Snow [Śnieg], My Name is Red [Nazywam się Czerwień], The New Life [Nowe życie], Istanbul. Memories and the City [Stambuł. Wspomnienia i miasto] Ssesiz Ev [Dom ciszy], The White Castle [Biały zamek], The Museum of Innocence [Muzeum niewinności], Cevdet Bey ve Ogullari [Cevdet Bej i synowie], The Black Book [Czarna księga] and Other Colors [Inne kolory].