11 October 2012 Reading Lessons at the Conrad Festival!

Anyone interested is invited! Free places are still available. To sign up, contact us at: lekcjeczytania@tygodnik.com.pl; please write Conrad in the subject line.

22 October
1 p.m. – Grzegorz Jankowicz reads Abandoned by W.G. Sebald at the Nuremberg House (ul. Skałeczna 2)
23 October
10 a.m. – Kazimiera Szczuka reads Romanticism by Adam Mickiewicz at the Pod Baranami Palace (Rynek Główny 27)
24 October
10 a.m. – Magdalena Miecznicka reads Child’s Play by Alice Munro at the Pod Baranami Palace (Rynek Główny 27)
25 October
10 a.m. – Michał Olszewski reads The Antelope’s Strategy by Jean Hatzfeld at the Pod Baranami Palace (Rynek Główny 27)
26 October
10 a.m. – Katarzyna Kubisiowska reads The Rules of Life by Janusz Korczak at the Pod Baranami Palace (Rynek Główny 27)

Reading Lessons are an invitation for secondary school students to read literature together. During a series of meetings, university professors, writers, essayists, philosophers, and publishers will show them how important literary texts of their choice can be read and discussed.

The project aims to enhance the art of reading among ambitious secondary school students. With pervasive reports of the decline of readership in Poland, we must do everything in our power to help the art of reading find its admirers in the young generation. The idea was born of the belief that reading literature makes for a better understanding of the world and is much more than just a school chore or plain entertainment. Literature significantly contributes to the rise of social consciousness, broadens our horizons, and allows us to view reality through the eyes of our fellow man. It does not tear us away from the world, nor does it replace it – it anchors us even deeper in it.

The meetings are led as discussion workshops. Each is hosted by a different person, who announces the reading assignment in advance, and then presents his/her personal interpretation and moderates a group discussion. Texts go beyond the school canon. Because they are relatively short, it is easier for students to prepare for the discussion.

Board of Reading Lessons:
Stanisław Bereś
Alina Brodzka-Wald
Stefan Chwin
Przemysław Czapliński
Inga Iwasiów
Krzysztof Kłosiński
Michał P. Markowski
Anna Nasiłowska
Ryszard Nycz
Paweł Próchniak
Piotr Śliwiński
Grażyna Borkowska