15 October 2012 James X – Gerard Mannix Flynn - tickets available today

On Tuesday (the 23rd of February), at 9 p.m., the Bagatela Theatre (Sarego Stage, ul. Sarego 7) will stage James X, a shocking monodrama by Gerard Mannix Flynn directed by Gabriel Byrne. We are now waiting for contact from those wishing to see the performance.

James X is a one man play. It lasts 75 minutes and is performed entirely in English. Please be on time. After the performance, there will be a discussion with Gerard Mannix Flynn.

In order to get a free ticket, please fill out the form below. A confirmation will be sent to the provided e-mail address. Admittance will be based on a list of names including only the persons that have received an e-mail confirmation from us.

PLEASE NOTE: The number of seats is limited. No confirmation from the Organisers within 1 business day from the moment of registration means that there are no more seats available. One person may book a maximum of 2 seats.