6 November 2012 A meeting with Miłosz Biedrzycki

On Thursday (the 8th of November), at 6.30 p.m., the Krakow branch of the Polish Writers’ Association will host the next meeting of the Rozkręcamy literacki Kraków (Get the Literary Krakow Going) series. This time, the meeting will feature Miłosz Biedrzycki, who will present his volume of poetry, Życie równikowe (Equatorial Life; WBPiCAK, Poznań 2010). The meeting will be hosted by: Dr Dorota Kozicka and Wojciech S. Wocław. See you traditionally at the Czuły Barbarzyńca bookshop and café in Krakow (ul. Powiśle 11).

Miłosz Biedrzycki, author of eight volumes of poetry published in Poland and collections of poetry published in Slovenia and the USA. He has published in brulion, Tygodnik Powszechny, Czas Kultury, Nowy Nurt, Chicago Review. Winner of numerous literary contests (including the third Brulion Poetycki contest in 1993). He has also translated the works of Tomaž Šalamun, an outstanding Slovenian poet.

As if against the long-present claims that the world has been transformed into an image, Biedrzycki’s works allow one to perceive the world through touching, hearing, smelling – up close and tangible. However, it is not a return to the sensually and materially concrete world of clear objects, but a move away from the inertia of things, from a formed and visible shape of the world put into a conventional frame: lumps of light, sugar peas at the crossroads of the air / flight of red, yellow, green, purple splinters / space. i  know but four words, aerosol of planets, / equatorial life. the construction of cathedrals on a shimmering drop of gas continues. (From the Wszystkie te ziemie (All These Lands) afterword by Anna Kałuża).