1 February 2013 Jacek Dehnel as a guest of Xiegarnia on TVN 24

The guest of the 21st Xiegarnia programme will be Jacek Dehnel – poet, writer, translator and painter. This programme will be shown on Saturday at 6 p.m. on TVN24. As you may remember, Jacek Dehnel is a regular guest of the Conrad Festival.

The announcement of the programme reads: The author of Lala [Doll], one of the most talented young Polish writers, will refer to the condition of contemporary literature, which, in his opinion, is not that bad. He will also talk about his latest book Młodszy księgowy. O książkach, czytaniu i pisaniu [Junior Accountant. On Books, Reading and Writing], which is a collection of feature articles.

See the announcement of the programme.