4 March 2013 Hatzfeld i Jagielski nominated for the Kapuściński Award

Jean Hatzfeld (for A Time for Machetes) and Wojciech Jagielski (for Burning Grass), guests of the Conrad Festival are among the ten nominees for the prestigious Kapuściński Award given for last year’s best reportage.

The jury, composed of Joanna Bator, Maciej J. Drygas, Iwona Smolka and Maciej Zaremba Bielawski and headed by Małgorzata Szejnert, looked at 59 books submitted by 23 publishing houses. The Czarne Publishing House submitted the largest number of books: 15.

The names of the finalists will be announced on the 4th of April, and the winner – on the 17th of May during the Warsaw Book Fair. The winner will receive PLN 50, 000, and if the winner is a foreign author, the translator will also receive PLN 15,000.

Thus far, the Kapuściński Award has gone to Jean Hatzfeld for The Antelope Strategy (translated by Jacek Giszczak), Svetlana Alexievich for War’s Unwomanly Face (translated by Jerzy Czech) and Liao Yiwu for The Corpse Walker (translated by Wen Hung and Agnieszka Pokojska).

Full list of the nominees:


Source: www.wyborcza.pl