20 March 2013 Jerzy Pilch’s new novel comes out in April

Jerzy Pilch, an outstanding writer, columnist, dramatist and scriptwriter, is coming back with a new novel! Wiele demonów (Many Demons), a story full of mystery and intrigue, will premiere in April. Pilch will take the readers to the Silesian Cieszyn of the 1950s. The Wielka Litera publishing house has planned the premiere for the 18th of April.

You may also remember that Wojciech Smarzowski is currently working on a film adaptation of Pilch’s latest novel, The Mighty Angel, published in 2000. The film is being shot in Krakow and the Malopolska Region thanks to the support from the Krakow Film Commission. The Krakow Festival Office is the film’s co-producer. The premiere of the film is due to take place at the beginning of 2014. The film’s cast will include the biggest Polish film stars: Robert Więckiewicz, Andrzej Grabowski, Adam Woronowicz, Marian Dziędziel, Kinga Preis, Iza Kuna, Iwona Bielska, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Marcin Dorociński and Jacek Braciak.

Wiele demonów is a mysterious story full of intrigue that transports the readers to the Silesian Cieszyn of the 1950s. Julia comes to a small town with her Catholic fiancé. Who will accept their relationship and what happened to her sister who has mysteriously disappeared? What dangers await the protagonists? Perhaps they are a danger for themselves? As the publisher says, ‘Pilch looks both into the homes and deep into the minds of his protagonists. A novel full of unexpected turns, shrouded in wisdom and mystery. The author comes back to his beloved Lutheran Silesian Cieszyn, asking questions about the sense of faith, God and life.’

So far, Jerzy Pilch published, among other works, Wyznania twórcy pokątnej literatury erotycznej (Confessions of an Author of Illicit Erotic Literature, 1988), Spis cudzołożnic (List of Adultresses, 1993), Monolog z lisiej jamy (A Monologue from a Foxhole, 1996), Tezy o głupocie, piciu i umieraniu (Theses on Stupidity, Drinking and Dying, 1997), Bezpowrotnie utraconą leworęczność (The Irreversible Loss of Left-handedness, 1998) and The Mighty Angel (2000). This last novel won him the Nike Award. Pilch’s latest book, Dziennik (Diary), a collection of his features in the Przekrój weekly from the recent years, was published in Spring 2012.