13 May 2013 Metaphysics in the Kazimierz district

Between next Wednesday (the 15th of May) and Sunday (the 19th of May), a unique show will be taking place at the corner of ul. Miodowa and ul. Jakuba: Metaphysics, a poem by Wisława Szymborska, will be displayed by means of kinetic typography. Films will be shown every day between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. The show is a part of the Miłosz Festival that begins next Thursday, and the films were prepared by the students of the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw under Ewa Satalecka, PhD.

Kinetic typography, an animation technique combining film and text, is quickly gaining recognition and popularity. The authors of the Krakow projection interpreted Szymborska’s poem visually, basing on dynamic changes of the content in time and space, using rhythm and light as mediums. The projection was prepared by: Jan Duda, Katarzyna Kowal, Anna Marchewka, Magdalena Nosek, Wanda Onyszkiewicz, Aleksandra Przegalińska, Radosław Skonieczny, Aleksandra Sobolewska and Zuzanna Walas.

The ZNACZY SIĘ New Art Foundation and the Krakow Festival Office invite everyone to come and have a look.