24 May 2013 Adam Zagajewski as Xięgarnia’s guest

Adam Zagajewski – poet, essayist, translator, and one of the most recognised contemporary Polish authors in the world – will be the guest of the coming 37th edition of the Xięgarnia programme on TVN24. The programme will air on Saturday at 6 p.m. on TVN24.

The author of To Go to Lvov will talk about Magdalena Piekorz's documentary Widok Krakowa (A View of Krakow), screened for the first time during the Milosz Festival which ended a little under a week ago. Fragments of the film will also be featured in Xięgarnia. Literary Krakow, poetry, and Wisława Szymborska will be the main themes of the next edition of the programme.

The Krakow Festival Office is the producer of the Polish episode of the City(W)rites series – Magdalena Piekorz’s Widok Krakowa – and the shooting was supported by the Krakow Film Commission. The project’s partners are: the TVP SA Polish Television and the Book Institute, and the production was supported by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage with the use of resources from the Promocja czytelnictwa [Promotion of Readership] programme operated by the Book Institute.

The film’s media patron is the lubimyczytac.pl portal.

The Polish episode of the City(W)rites series was produced as part of the Reading Malopolska project. Reading Malopolska is a project supported with the use of funds from the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013, under which Malopolska and its capital, Krakow, want to communicate their literary heritage and participate in the creation of a cooperation network of creative regions in the field of literature.