27 June 2013 Starring: Ryszard Krynicki

Since yesterday, Krakow has been celebrating the Ryszard Krynicki Jubilee. On this extraordinary occasion, we have a premiere for you: a video of an interview with the poet by Malwina Mus and Jarosław Fazan.

The Writers in Motion audiovisual library of writers is a long-term project carried out by the Krakow Festival Office in cooperation with the Faculty of Polish Studies of Jagiellonian University. Thanks to filmed interviews, audiovisual profiles of Polish and international writers are created, both those who live in Krakow and those who visit the city during its numerous literary events.

Interviews with writers are prepared and conducted by students and doctoral students of the Faculty of Polish Studies of Jagiellonian University under the supervision of experienced academic workers and literary critics. For these young people, it is often the first opportunity to prepare and conduct interviews with outstanding creators of literature on their own. As part of the project, students are also appropriately prepared in order to gain confidence in front of the camera. This way, the theoretical aspects of education in Polish studies are supplemented by practical skills of the future cultural journalists. This is why Writers in Motion is so much more than just interviews with writers – it is a laboratory of literature and new media in which various connections are formed between young people bringing in a fresh look on the problems of contemporary literature, experienced critics and researchers, and recognised writers who often reveal their new, previously unknown faces.

Soon, as part of the Writers in Motion project, we will have interviews with Gary Snyder, Julia Hartwig, and Richard Lourie for you.

More about the Ryszard Krynicki Jubilee: krynicki.wydawnictwoemg.pl