16 October 2013 A spelling test at Stary Kleparz

Another edition of the travelling Rymoliryktando – a national spelling test with obstacles, created by acknowledged lyricist of the young generation, Łukasz L.U.C Rostkowski, will take place next week, on Saturday, the 26th of October. This time, brave participants will rack their brains over orthographic nuances... at the Stary Kleparz marketplace in Krakow.

The decision of where this year’s edition of the street art spelling test will take place was made by Krakow inhabitants themselves – they submitted suggestions for places in their city. Among all the submitted suggestions, the Stary Kleparz marketplace turned out to be the most interesting, and it is here, between the stalls, that brave participants will take on the challenge posed by two texts, very difficult stylistically and orthographically. Apart from Łukasz L.U.C Rostkowski’s spelling test abounding in obstacles, participants will have to write down a text prepared by Aneta Załazińska, PhD, from the Faculty of Polish Studies of Jagiellonian University. The task will definitely not be an easy one, but it is worth taking up the challenge, as money prizes of PLN 10,000, PLN 5,000, and PLN 3,000, as well as special Rymolirylaur statuettes await the winners.

After completing the spelling tests, the participants will move to the Malopolska Garden of Arts, where waiting for the results, they will take part in a debate on the language of the media entitled How many Polands do we live in?

This year’s edition of Rymoliryktando will end with a jam session with the participation of outstanding Polish musicians and lyricists. One of the most important figures of the Polish Yass scene, frontman of the legendary groups Miłość and Kury, Tymon Tymański; lady of the Polish music scene – Krystyna Prońko; Gdańsk hip-hop artist Buka; and extraordinary artist Jacek Szymkiewicz aka Budyń – frontman and founder of the legendary Pogodno band will appear on stage. All of the artists will perform to the accompaniment of the L.U.C ENSEMBLE, i.e. an orchestra made up of Łukasz L.U.C Rostkowski and his musicians: Adam Lepka, Olga Kwiatek, Bożena Rodzeń-Jarosz, Kuba Olejnik, Maciej Mazurek, Marek Pędziwiatr, and Bartek Niebielecki.

However, before Krakow inhabitants will take up the spelling test challenge, this coming Saturday (the 19th of October), we would like to invite you to the Market Square for a unique happening. At high noon, a huge scale will be set up next to the monument to Adam Mickiewicz, and everyone will have the opportunity to weigh a selected word, using special weights shaped like letters. Krakow inhabitants will also try to hold an enormous word saying “WORDS” in the air for six hours (from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). As the organisers of the event explain, they want to emphasise the main message of the event in an amusing and literal manner: attention to reliability in everyday life. They want to show passers-by that words have power and weight, and that it is often very hard to keep one’s word. Each participant of the ambient campaigns will receive an invitation to Rymoliryktando and its accompanying concerts and debate.

This year’s third edition of Rymoliryktando will take place in cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office and under honorary patronage of the Council for the Polish Language and the Faculty of Polish Studies of Jagiellonian University. The event begins at 2 p.m. at the Stary Kleparz marketplace (Rynek Kleparski 14). Registration of participants will be open from 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. L.U.C’s spelling test will be broadcast by the TVN24 channel and Polish Radio 1.

For more information, please visit: www.rymoliryktando.pl