4 December 2013 Łukasz Orbitowski nominated for 2013 Polityka’s Passports

Łukasz Orbitowski, with whom readers had a chance to meet during the Conrad Festival, was nominated for Polityka's Passports! He will compete for this prestigious award in the Literature category. “A writer showing great diligence and an even greater imagination” – this is how Dariusz Nowacki described Orbitowski (born in 1977). “In 2012, he shone thanks to Widma, this year he published the interesting Szczęśliwa ziemia, a novel of manners with a hint of fantasy. It is a book about maturing and achievement assessments of contemporary 35-year-olds. Those born in the late 1970s ask what went wrong,” writes Nowacki about the nominated novel. We will find out who the winners are on the 14th of January, during a festive gala broadcast by TVP2. Good luck!

Read about nominated and the prize: www.polityka.pl/paszportypolityki

Picture: Andrzej Rubiś