16 December 2013 Mariusz Szczygieł as the Journalist of the Year according to Press

Mariusz Szczygieł – a journalist for Gazeta Wyborcza and a guest of the first edition of the Conrad Festival – was selected the 2013 Journalist of the Year. It is an award for professionalism, promoting global standards of work in the media, and following the ethical principles of the profession. Nominations are submitted by editorial meetings of Polish newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, and online portals. Congratulations!

Mariusz Szczygieł is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. He began working for the Na przełaj weekly right after his matriculation examination. He has worked for Gazeta Wyborcza since 1990, and he has been the editor of the Duży Format supplement since 2004. In the years 1995-2001, he hosted the Na każdy temat talk show on Polsat. He published two books: Niedziela, która zdarzyła się w środę (1996) and Gottland (2006) – translated into 8 languages. Awards he received for it include the Readers’ Award in the 2007 Nike competition, two Warsaw Literary Premiere Awards – the Book of the Month and the Book of the Year, the Beata Pawlak Award, and Prix Amphi in France. Awarded the Gratias Agit Prize by the government of the Czech Republic (2009). He received the 2004 Melchior Prize from the Polish Radio for his reportorial work on Czech-related issues. He conducted original workshop seminars on reportage at the University of Warsaw. Together with Bożena Dudko, he was the originator of the concept of the Ryszard Kapuściński Collection and its editor (published by Agora, 2008). He established the Institute of Reportage (2009) along with Paweł Goźliński and Wojciech Tochman. He lives in Warsaw, but his spirit – as he says – remains in Prague.