13 February 2014 Łukasz Orbitowski nominated for a 2014 Pyrkon Identifier award

Łukasz Orbitowski, whom readers had the opportunity to meet during last year’s Conrad Festival, has been nominated for a Pyrkon Identifer award. – Prominent figures of Polish fantasy: Dukaj, Parowski, Szostak and Twardoch praise his Szczęśliwa ziemia’ (Happy Land). And they are right, because it is not only an exciting story, but also a sombre, dark novel of manners -- another sign that interesting things are happening on the border of fantasy and realistic fiction in Poland – we can read in the justification of Orbitowski’s nomination by Stanisław Krawczyk, a member of the Jury. Krzysztof Piskorski and Cezary Zbierzchowski are also among the nominees. The voting in which every fantasy fan can participate will begin on 16 February, and the winners will be announced on 22 March, during Pyrkon – Poland’s largest fantasy convention, held in Poznań.

The Pyrkon Identifier award is given for the first time and will be jointly awarded by the Pyrkon and Poltergeist. It is an opportunity for games and fantasy enthusiasts to honour the individuals they think made the greatest achievements in 2013. The awards consist of three categories: Literature and Comic Strip, Fame, and Promoter of Fantasy.

For more information visit: identyfikatory.polter.pl