25 September 2014 Conrad Festival for kids

The organisers of the Conrad Festival in Krakow (20th – 26th October) invite also the youngest to participate. This is an opportunity for adults to spend some time with their kids actively and to introduce them to the fascinating world of literature. During special workshops, film screenings and meetings with writers, children will learn what it means to be an illustrator or how to improvise stories. They will also become acquainted with the secret art of counting to infinity.

Parents are invited to accompany their children during the Conrad Festival workshops, not only in order to watch over their kids, but also because they themselves will have a chance to learn a lot as well. The programme includes: learning to count to infinity, imagination exercises, nonconformity and assertiveness training, as well as a story about how Polish tales found their way into the English-language publishing market. All workshops have been planned so that everyone could learn something, nobody got bored and, most importantly, children – thanks to their imagination and fresh minds – could have the advantage over their parents.

The Conrad Festival is the biggest literary event in Poland. The motto of its 6th edition is “Shared Worlds”. The Festival is organised co-operatively by the City of Krakow, the Krakow Festival Office and the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation.

The detailed programme of the Conrad Festival is available at: www.conradfestival.pl

25th October (12 noon), Tales’ Mapping: Joseph Conrad workshops for children and their parents at the café-club like!Konik in the Wyspiański Pavilion

During the workshop, we will find out that children and adults can learn together. However, children will have significant advantage over adults because, during the class, we will be learning... our own imagination.

First, we will sit in a circle to get to know one other. Then, we will spin a tale inspired by Joseph Conrad’s books. We will improvise, invent further plot and draw it on white sheets of paper. We will see how the story that we are creating comes to life in front of our eyes and reaches quite unexpected shapes. Finally, we will talk about our ideas and see very clearly what the story that we have heard means to us.

The workshop will allow to free your imagination, it will also assist you in building utterances and shifting them to another medium, i.e. drawing. Most importantly, however, parents will be able to participate in the workshop on an equal footing with their own children and see whether their imaginations are at least slightly similar.

25th October (1:30 p.m.), Imagine...A Literary and Artistic Workshop for Children at the Gallery of New Art Foundation ZNACZY SIĘ

Zofia Stanecka and Marianna Oklejak, authors of the popular book series about the adventures of a girl Basia, will moderate a workshop for young book enthusiasts. During the class, children will learn the process of creating a book and, above all, train their memory by building stories and drawing a book-cover.

25th October (2 p.m.), the café-club like!Konik in the Wyspiański Pavilion will host a meeting for children and their parents, devoted to the latest English edition of Polish fairy tales.

Jan Pieńkowski, though born in Warsaw, is one of best known and most respected British illustrators. He is the author of unconventional designs of posters, postcards, wallpapers and bags, the patterns of which are known from films made in the 1960s and 1970s. Children books with his illustrations have been sold in dozens of countries all over the world. Pieńkowski works in an unusually daring artistic duet with David Walser. They experiment together, play with typography, print on coloured papers or thin wood. Recently, they have co-published The Glass Mountain: Tales from Poland. On this occasion, at a special meeting for children, they will tell what it is like to be a draughtsperson and what you have to do in order to become one in the future.

26th October (10 a.m.), a meeting for children and their parents, centred around Nadia Budde’s book Raz dwa trzy psy, at the café-club like!Konik in the Wyspiański Pavilion Learning to count from zero to infinity. “One, two, three, doggy” is a counting-out rhyme different from all. Its slightly absurd humour, wit and irony are capable of amusing even the greatest griper. The meeting will be moderated by Marta Lipczyńska.

26th October (12 noon), Marek Bieńczyk will read excerpts from his book Nussi i coś więcej (Nussi and something more) within the frames of the Noon Reading Series for Children at the Pod Baranami Palace

A rabbit from a huge city cannot be called Bunny or Dusty. His name is Nussi and it is world-known. However, when the rabbit moves to the forest, does he have to introduce the city order there at once? In his book Nussi i coś więcej, Marek Bieńczyk, the literary Nike Award laureate, writes how important fashion is and whether it is easy to be different. He will read excerpts from the book at this special meeting for children and adults.

On 25th and 26th October you are invited to the Pod Baranami Cinema to the series called “Literackie Baranki Dzieciom” (Literary Little Sheep for Children).

The youngest will watch the film Król Maciuś I (King Matt the First) (25th October, 10 a.m.) and Dziwne przygody Koziołka Matołka (Odd Adventures of Matołek the Billy-Goat)(26th October, 11 a.m.). After the screening, children will have an opportunity to participate in artistic classes and literary workshops organized by Sztukolotnia. Tickets for the film shows (10 PLN) will be available at the cinema box office.

The entire programme of the Conrad Festival 4 Kids, together with information on enrolment, can be found HERE.

The detailed programme of the Conrad Festival is available at: www.conradfestival.pl