17 October 2014 Inventive word association game – find allusions in a text and win literature-related prizes

For all fans of the Conrad Festival and for those who keep up with our programme or wish to know it in detail, we have prepared an inventive game.

The rules are simple. We have composed a special text, in which we dropped a number of hints about our guests, their names, the titles of their books, awards they received, and to the Festival as such. You should also look for the titles of meetings, series, workshops, and the names of meeting venues. Some allusions are direct and others vague. Their total number is 30.

Valuable prizes – surprise books – wait for those who identify the largest number of hints in the shortest time. We can only disclose that you can win works by this year’s festival guests, authors from the previous editions and other prominent writers.

We would like you to know the Conrad Festival programme as soon as possible, so you can send your guesses till midnight 20 October 2014 to: jsokolowski@biurofestiwalowe.pl.We will contact the winners via e-mail.

Good luck with the game!

Look for clues under each tab onwww.conradfestival.pl

The game text can be found below and downloaded here.