17 October 2014 Write a dedication and win an invitation to a dinner with Etgar Keret

Etgar Keret is a master of the short form, as we can see from each new collection of short stories, but also from the dedications he has been writing for many years in books brought by his readers to sign. His dedications are micro-stories, humorous and completely made-up.

For example:

“To Danny, who saved my life in the Litani. If you hadn’t tied that tourniquet, there’d be no me and no book.” “To Mickey. Your mother called. I hung up on her. Don’t you dare show your face around here anymore.”

The roles are now reversed. Imagine that you have to write a fictionalised and concise dedication to Etgar Keret. The authors of the most interesting texts will receive invitations to an Israeli dinner in a small circle with the writer planned for 23 October in Cheder Cafe – the hosting venue of the Jewish Culture Festival.

Please send your applications by 21 October (Tuesday) to: jsokolowski@biurofestiwalowe.pl

The most interesting dedications will be awarded