22 September 2021 Children and family band at the Conrad Festival

During this year’s edition of the Conrad Festival, we sketch, probe and paint the nature of the future. No one has a more experimental nature than children! The designers and thinkers to whom the world belongs will take matters into their own hands to show adults what things can be like.

The band for children will start at 11.30 on 17 October with the “Here and Now!” workshops inspired by Joanna Guszta and Przemek Liput’s book (published by Wydawnictwo Kropka). The participants will create a huge collage and, together with the female dinosaur called Nadzieja (Hope), they will think how to save our planet. Children and the illustrator Przemek Liput will paint together. Throughout the Festival week, the collage will acquire new meanings and record the traces and voices of the visitors to the Potocki Palace. The Festival weekend will be a time of hooray do-it-together family activities at the Potocki Palace. At 10.00 on Saturday, 23 October, we will create amazing board games at the “Adele the Panther and the Planet of Combination” workshops, which will be attended by the illustrator Katarzyna Walentynowicz (Pantera Adela i ekoferajna, text by Paweł F. Majka, published by Wydawnictwo Widnokrąg). Starting at noon on the same day, you are invited to visit the “Pola in the fields” installation. Its heroine, Pola the Octopus, has prepared many surprises for children. We have one more attraction for children on 23 October. The “Theatre of Found Things” is inspired by the book Gropen (The Hole behind the Gym, Emma Adbåge, published in Poland by Wydawnictwo Zakamarki). It is a workshop in a box created by Edyta Stajniak, Beata Kwiecińska and Maciej Dąbrowski, artists from the INSPIRO Cultural Centre. They will show how to conjure up a real theatre out of hills, bushes, sticks and stones. At 10.00 on Sunday, 24 October, there will be a meeting called “Give a High-Five to the Cat Gang. A Great Adventure in Krakow”. During the meeting, Agata Romaniuk will talk about her latest book (illustrations by Malwina Hajduk, published by Wydawnictwo Agora). After the meeting, children will attend the “Island of the Future” workshops and travel to another world, where poodles are stunned. Children and the heroes of the Poodles and Fries book written and illustrated by Pija Lindenbaum (published in Poland by Wydawnictwo Zakamarki) will build a place that is open for everyone.

Children and their parents can also join the Festival in their own homes or out in the open. The author of another family activity to be held during the Festival, Anna Zajda, is an artistic education specialist. Her “Paper Garden” workshop, inspired by the book Easy Peasy (Kirsten Bradley, published in Poland by Wydawnictwo Kropka), uses cards that children can cut out and paint in order to learn by playing. The “Paper Garden” will be available online at www.conradfestival.pl beginning with 18 October.

Registration to all events starts at 10.00 on 11 October. Registration information will be available at www.conradfestival.pl. The form of the events will depend on the epidemiological situation at the time. Workshops in the box can be collected from the Potocki Palace between 12.00 and 14.00 on 23 October. You have to fill in the form first to collect the box. There are a limited number of boxes.

All the books used in the Festival will be available at the children’s section of the Regional Public Library at 1 Rajska Street in Krakow. We encourage you to read them all year, not only during the Festival. Visit libraries and local bookshops and check the www.conradfestival.pl on 15 October. There, you will find a list of books that can inspire you to set off on a reading journey.