28 October 2009 Atiq Rahimi will not come to Krakow this year

We regret to inform you that due to health problems Atiq Rahimi has cancelled his visit to Krakow during the 1st Joseph Conrad International Literature Festival. At the same time, the writer has confirmed his participation in the Festival next year.

Although Rahimi will not be personally present in Krakow this year, there will be many events connected with him and his work. On Friday (6th November) at 9 pm, Kino Pod Baranami (Pod Baranami Cinema) will show a film directed by Rahimi, Terre et cendres (Earth and Ashes). Also, the time of the Festival coincides with the premiere of Rahimi’s latest novel, The Patience Stone, published in Poland by Wydawnictwo Literackie.

Atiq Rahimi was also to take part in the ceremony of announcing the winner of the Polish edition of Prix Goncourt 2009, awarded by Polish Romance scholars and students, and organized under the auspices of the General Consulate of France and the French Institute in Krakow. The ceremony, without the writer’s presence, will take place on Saturday (7th November) at 11 am in Room 1 during the 13th Book Fair in Krakow (ul. Centralna / Centralna Street 41 a).

On Friday (6th November), within the cycle of closed meetings for writers and translators, a meeting with Włodzimierz Staniewski – the director and founder of Ośrodek Praktyk Teatralnych Gardzienice (The Centre of Theatrical Practices Gardzienice) – will take place. The meeting is due to start at 10 am in Café Camelot (ul. św. Tomasza 17 (St. Thomas Street 17).