16 June 2010 Turin International Book Prize for Amos Oz

Amos Oz was the laureate of the Turin International Book prize granted by the public visiting the 23rd book fair in Turin. The guests valued the entire works of the outstanding Israeli writer. We remind you that thanks to cooperating with the Publishing House REBIS, Amos Oz will be a guest of the 2nd International Joseph Conrad Literature Festival.

Amos Oz received the most votes (over 3 thousand) and beat Paul Auster (2385 votes) and Carlos Fuentes (1224 votes). The award of 25 thousand Euros was presented during a ceremony in Piemont.

This is already Amos Oz’s second prize only recently. We remind you that he was previously the laureate of the prestigious French literary award Prix Méditerrannée Etranger for his collection of stories Scenes From a Village Life.