7 October 2010 Reissuing of the novel Kalkwerk by Bernhard with drawings by Krystian Lupa

The Oficyna publishing house plans to reissue on 15th October the novel Kalkwerk by Thomas Bernhard, which has been unavailable on the market for years, with illustrations by Krystian Lupa. These illustrations were created during work on an almost cult performance directed by him, which has been repeated continuously. Its Polish premiere took place at the Scena Kameralna stage of the Old Theatre in Krakow in November 1992 and has remained a part of the repertoire until today. This edition of the book will be published very carefully and its design was prepared by a well-known and renowned typographic designer Robert Oleś, who has already received some awards. This publication can become an extremely attractive item both for enthusiasts of Bernhard’s works and for faithful fans of Lupa’s theatre.

The novel by Bernhard – one of the most outstanding Austrian writers of the second half of the 20th century – is a moving and disturbing story whose main protagonist is an eccentric – Konrad. The title Kalkwerk (Lime Burning Plant) is the name of an estate – a secluded and desolate place in which the protagonist being a half-madman and a half-genius carries out a spiritual experiment on an unmatched scale with the help of his crippled wife. He is obsessed with the thought of creating the work of his life – “The study of hearing” He continuously seeks an ideal condition in which he could perform the act of creation.

Books by Bernhard pierce the balloon of social hypocrisy, but at the same time the literary value of the experiment was not lost. The literary output of the author of Wymazywanie (Erasure) as an author of the group of artists “fouling their own nest” corresponds strongly with the idea of this year’s Conrad Festival – “other worlds, other languages”. Already on 5th November (Friday) Karol Franczak will discuss this unusual novel with Krystian Lupa (Café Szafe, ul. Felicjanek 10). The reading of the reissued novel is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with classical works of European literature of the 20th century and may become a prelude for a discussion with the most popular Polish theatre director, which will be held on 5th November (Friday) at 2 p.m. in Cafe Szafe (ul. Felicjanek 10).

T. Bernhard, Kalkwerk, translated by: Ernest Dyczek, Marek Feliks Nowak, afterward: Karol Franczak, Officyna Publishing House, Łódź 2010.