8 October 2010 Matthias Göritz and Serhij Żadan in Radar

Matthias Göritz and Serhij Żadan – guests of this year’s Conrad Festival – received a scholarship under the HOMINES URBANI project of the Villa Decius Association (Żadan in 2006, Göritz in 2008). The programme was implemented from 2004 till 2009 as a part of the cycle of resident scholarships for writers, which has existed for 12 years. It is addressed to young authors from various European countries.

Residence in Villa Decius in Krakow encompasses three-months scholarship stays put into effect each year under two editions: the winter edition and the autumn edition. The main advantages of this place include its special nature resulting from historical traditions. Scholarship holders appreciate the possibility of establishing international literary contacts, which often turn into long-year friendships.

Texts of both authors can also be read in the literary magazine Radar – an international literary publication which has been issued in German, Polish and Ukrainian since 2010. Each issue has its guiding topic. In the first Radar issue, the text by Serhii Żadan The Time When the Sun Stops was published. In the second issue, Matthias Göritz will present the text Teacher of Rhetorics for Lawyers, which is a fragment of his novel yet to be published. The Villa Decius Association is preparing the next issue of Radar for the upcoming Book Fair in Krakow (both issues of the magazine will be available at the stand of the Association during the fair). Göritz and Żadan will be signing them before and after their meeting within the 2nd International Conrad Festival on Sunday 7th November. We invite you to reserve your time already now for this event.