8 October 2010 Herta Müller in Bucarest

Herta Müller, the winner of the literary Nobel Prize 2009 and a guest of the Conrad Festival, visited Bucarest at the end of September.

The German writer, who was born in Romania, met her readers during a 2-day visit organised by the Humanitas publishing house from 27th till 28th September. During this visit, Müller also promoted her books published in Romanian language: Leaganul respiratiei ( Atemschaukel; not translated into Polish, the latest publication of the Noble prize-winner) and Calatorie intr-un picior (Reisende auf einem Bein, not translated into Polish, either). Apart from that, the writer delivered a lecture and took part in a conversation with Gabriel Liiceanu – a Romanian philosopher and a student of Constantin Noika.

The literary output of Herty Müller is strongly connected with Romania, where she was born in 1953, and with the socialist past of the country. However, it is worth remembering that the Noble prize-winner writes her books in German (she comes from a German-speaking village in the Romanian region of Banat, from a family representing the German minority). In 1987 she emigrated to Berlin, where she still lives today. However, childhood memories are a recurring motif in her books.