18 October 2010 Amos Oz – today in Warsaw, already on Wednesday in Krakow

Today at 18.00 in the Ujazdów Castle at ul. Jazdów 2 in Warsaw, a meeting with Amos Oz, who has just arrived in Poland upon the invitation of his main Polish publisher – Dom Wydawniczy Rebis, will begin. The meeting will be hosted by Paweł Smoleński – a journalist of Gazeta Wyborcza, reporter and writer. Apart from that, Amos Oz will also visit Krakow already on Wednesday 20th October; he will meet his readers at 4.00 p.m. in the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts. The meeting will be hosted by Piotr Paziński.

We also inform all fans of Amos Oz's prose that the writer will be a guest of Dariusz Bugalski in today’s Klub Trójki in Polish Radio 3. The programme will begin at 9.00 p.m. We invite you to listen to it!