7 November 2010 Poetry as a continuation of life

On the fifth day of the Festival in the “Bachmann – Celan” series a discussion was held “Affinities by choice”, dedicated to the characters of two German artists. The interview with Peter Hamm, Helmut Bottiger, Andrzej Kopacki, Małgorzata Łukasiewicz and Ryszard Krynicki was conducted by Łukasz Musiał, a graduate of German philology from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (belonging to the Workshop of Border Questions).

Pictures: Paweł Ulatowski

Among others, the panellists discussed the recent issue of “Literatura na Świecie” (with which Kopacki and Łukasiewicz are connected with), devoted to the correspondence of Bachmann and Celan, as well as the problem genre adherence of the letters. The thematic crux of the meetings was dialogue and forms of cooperation between poets; Łukasz Musiał asked the foreign guests of the Festival questions – writers, critics, essayists; Peter Hamm is also a director – about the reception of Bachmann and Celan's correspondence in Germany (as well as expectations associated with its publication). As he pointed out – to paraphrase Clausewitz's famous statement – “poetry is the continuation of life by other means”.