19 January 2011 Różewicz and Karpowicz got the Polityka Passports!

Yesterday, Polityka Passport winners were awarded at a gala ceremony in Grand Theatre-National Opera in Warsaw. Ignacy Karpowicz received the prize in the literature category for his novel Balladyny i romanse. The author is a prose writer, translator from English, Spanish and Amharic (official language of Ethiopia). As the justification reads he was recognized for the “flourish of his writing, courage and sense of humour as well as trusting the reader whom he welcomes to an intelligent conversation on the present times”.

Tadeusz Różewicz (b. 1921) was awarded the special prize of Polityka for his achievements in spreading culture. The drama writer and poet was honoured “for the testimony given to several subsequent eras and questions which involved Polish literature and theatre in European dispute on the most essential experience of modern man”. At the end of 2010 his latest book On the Margine… made its appearance in bookstores. It is the first literary criticism of Różewicz and it covers reportages, short stories, sketches, features, speeches and a selection of correspondence.

Polityka’s Passport – prize established in 1993 by the Polityka weekly given in six categories: literature, film, theatre, classical music, visual arts and stage. Since 2002 it includes a special prize -culture creator for achievements in spreading culture.