4 February 2011 Comic books back in Krakow!

At the 2nd Conrad Festival it turned out, that Krakow has a numerous comic-books fan club. The meeting at the International Cultural Centre with Marjane Satrapi, Iranian-French graphic novels author and animated film director, attracted crowds. A new comic book will soon arrive to Krakow. The French Institute in Krakow, Pauza Gallery and the POST publishing house invite you to the announcement of results of the award for “Best comic book of the Angoulême International Comics Festival: Polish choice 2011”. The event is the largest European comics festival. It is an opportunity for Polish readers to discover contemporary comics and to emphasize originality, diversity and talent of the authors still not popular in Poland.

The event will be accompanied by a meeting with Guillaum Bianco, last year’s laureate, who will present Polish edition (by the POST) of his comic book Mglisty Billy. Krakow audience will have another chance to watch the renowned Persepolis by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi.

We invite you on Saturday, 12th February, to the Pauza Gallery (Floriańska Street no 18/5). Admission free.