23 February 2011 ‘King of Pain’ by Dukaj – the Krakow Book of the Month

The ‘Krakow Book of the Month’ award will be granted to a collection of short stories, King of Pain, by Jacek Dukaj, a guest of the first and second editions of the Conrad Festival. The award will be presented tomorrow (on Thursday, the 24th of February) at 6.00 pm at the Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury on ul. Mikołajska 2 in Krakow. King of Pain is a collection of Dukaj’s short stories – besides some previously published texts, the volume contains 4 new stories: Linia oporu, Oko potwora, Król Bólu i pasikonik, and Piołunnik. The collection lacks a dominant theme, but this may expose the diversity of the writer’s ideas. Jacek Dukaj will attend an interview with Martin Wolf. Anyone is welcome.

Krakow Book of the Month is a project launched in 1995 by Śródmiejski Ośrodek Kultury (Śródmieście Cultural Centre). The title of ‘Krakow Book of the Month’ is awarded by a jury composed of: Jan Pieszczachowicz - Chairman, Stanisław Burkot, Stanisław Dziedzic, Karolina Grodzisk, Albert Krupiński, Janusz Paluch, Adam Małkiewicz, Stanisław Stabro, Jacek Wojciechowski and Elżbieta Zechenter-Spławińska. The idea behind the award is to recognise the best and most valuable books amongst all publications released in Krakow’s publishing market. The meetings aim to allow readers to stay up-to-date with new releases and writers.