23 March 2011 Children’s Books Fair in June!

Preparations to the Krakow Children’s Books Fair, which will be held for the first time from the 3rd – 5th of June 2011, are already at full speed. This is a new initiative in Krakow, which may become a perfect complement to the November Book Fair accompanying the Conrad Festival (let us remind you that last year’s fourteenth edition attracted as many as 32,000 visitors). The aim of the June event is to bring literature closer to children and to show their parents that the Polish children’s books market is both colourful and rich in valuable content. Apart from the latest publications, presentations at the Fair will include toys, games and educational programmes, as well as seminars for parents dedicated to encouraging children to turning to books.

Leading Polish children’s books publishing houses such as Akapit Press, Aksjomat, Buka, Egmont, Empik, Czerwony Konik, Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne, Jedność, Wydawnictwo Kej, Skrzat, Wydawnictwo Debit, Zakamarki, Znak, have confirmed their participation in the event. At the Fair we will learn what Polish publishing companies have to offer to their youngest readers and which books are children-friendly. The Qlturka.pl web portal plans to invite the visitors to take part in art and musical workshop. Café Szafe and CzasDzieci.pl are going to organise literary games. Pracownia K is organising a workshop, in an especially designed space, whose participants will learn about design; how to design a book and where book covers and ideas for untypically published books come from. The visitors will have the opportunity to see animated films shown by means of a traditional projector in an especially prepared screening room operating under the auspices of the Krakow Agrafka cinema. The above are only a couple of attractions planned for the visitors of the Children’s Book Fair. We invite you to visit us from the 3rd – 5th of June 2011, at ul. Centralna 41A.